Some Breweries To Check Out In St. Louis

St. Louis has a huge beer scene. USA Today readers have voted it the “Best Beer Scene”. Alpha Brewing and Tower Grove South are among them. Ferguson Brewing and Narrow Gauge and Old Bakery Beer and Old Bakery Beer are also available. Hopskeller Brewing is another option. O’Fallon Brewing is located in Metro East. Six Mile Bridge is also available. Two Plumbers and Friendship Brewing in West County are two examples.

4 Hands Brewing Company

4 Hands is located in the south of downtown, near Soulard.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Soulard’s brick brewery is worth a visit.

Bluewood Brewing

Bluewood opened recently in the former Lemp Brewery stables. Bluewood is well-known for its high-ABV beer as well as barrel-aged stouts like Leviathan. It was founded in the former Lemp Brewery stables.

Civil Life Brewing Company

Jake Hafner was a well-known name at 33 Wine Bar in Lafayette Square. He moved to Civil Life, Tower Grove South in 2018, adding canned American Brown to his brewery. It is available to be viewed.

Chris Naffziger, a historian and contributor of SLM, pointed out that Earthbound was founded in 2017 in Cherokee Brewery Stock House. The stock house’s original floor is still being used, and the cellars date back 1875. This means that the brewery can almost certainly claim to be brewing beer in the oldest brewery building. Each day brings something new, with names like the Tax Evader and Gruit Out of Hell. 2724 Cherokee