What To Pack In Your St. Louis Cooler This Summer

You’re likely to be found at the Huzzah wearing a pair of dirty, worn-out, homemade sneakers trying to make it through the steep landing. An experienced sailor can tell you this.

Cooler packaging goes beyond assembling the right parts. It can also help you prioritize your items. These vittles are also valuable information.

Billy Goat Cheats

These tasty golden fried delights started out as a side dish at Billy Goat Restaurant & Bar. In fact, they are so popular that the owners opened a full-service shop to sell them.

Individual-Sized Gooey Louie Redbird Velvet Cake

Gooey Louie’s butter cakes are a St. Louis classic. You can eat the whole foil pan but you don’t need to worry about your dignity. It’s possible to still enjoy the sweet treat. The Redbird Velvet flavor, which is a velvety red Velvet that honors the home team’s team, is even more delicious. They will stay dry, no matter how much ice melts in the Igloo.

Volpi Roltini

The more sophisticated river traveler might long for a picnic-style cheese-and-charcuterie plate, but such a production lacks practicality. Volpi’s Roltini combines the best of both worlds: soft mozzarella wrapped in silken prosciutto and a simple one-handed meal that can be eaten when the current is flowing.

Imo’s Rope Provel

They are a great snack option in St. Louis. They cannot be eaten from the container.